The NordHIIT Walking® method

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Nordic walking and high intensity interval training: the NordHIIT Walking® method
Nordic Walking
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Nordic Walking and high-intensity interval training: the NordHIIT Walking® method

Speaker: Massimo Bisconcin – Doctor, trainer and sports instructor
Partership with: Uniwalk and AICS Venice

Language: Italian audio with subtitles in English

The webinar is the recording of Italian online meeting (in Italian)


From the competitive sphere to health fields, Nordic Walking is a sporting activity capable of leading to truly concrete results. Nordic walking is carried out along a gradient that goes from psycho-physical well-being to competitive activity, according to workouts and schemes that can be modulated according to one's goals.

Uniwalk, the training field of AICS Venice, explains the NordHIIT Walking® method, in which sport and biomedicine come together in a new way of conceiving Nordic Walking training. NordHIIT Walking demonstrates that even with Nordic Walking you can get to High-Intensity Interval Training (high intensity interval training, defined as HIIT).

NordHIIT Walking is a method and a practice that arises from the "traditional" Nordic Walking, and from recent biomedical acquisitions that indicate intense physical practice with variable heart rate (HIIT) as a tool to "earn ” health and not only devoted to prevention. It can happen through the modulation of the Autonomic Nervous System, the true global control unit of all human vital activity.

The webinar schedule:
- What is the NordHIIT Walking method
- What is it about
- How to practice it

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  1. 1 min
    Nordic Walking and high-intensity interval training: the NordHIIT Walking® method
  2. Webinar
    75 min